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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Enough Sleep VS Hair Loss?

Physicians and health care experts have been telling us for years about the benefits of quality sleep for a healthy mind and body and for the reduction of the risk of disease. Without enough consistent and restful sleep your body simply can’t grow healthy hair. Is it coincidence that 80% of men and 40% of women experience hair loss and one in four of us suffers from some form of sleep problem?
Studies have shown that people who are sleep deprived are more prone to developing hair challenges than those that get the best amount of Zzzzzs for their body.

Why is sleep so important for the hair? Consistent sleep patterns which means an ongoing program of restful and appropriate sleep will help to maintain the body’s natural melatonin and cortisol levels within ranges which promote good overall wellness. When the body is strong and healthy, the hair is also able to be strong, lush and in positive growth mode.

It has been proven that when the body’s natural melatonin and cortisol levels are not maintained that the body is more prone to developing chronic or serious illness and even weight gain. When the body is not experiencing optimal health the hair is most likely to suffer. It has also been proven that when a person is sleep deprived for an extended period of time, their immune system is not able to function optimally. Alterations in sleeping patterns have been shown to affect the body’s immune function, hormone secretion, and physical and mental stamina. The hair is very sensitive to changes within the body, and hair loss is nearly always the consequence of an internal disturbance.

Stress and lack of sleep go hand in hand. Whatever may be the cause – change of job schedules, heavy workload, family problems – sleep gets hampered under such conditions and in an indirect way you could say that lack of sleep can and indeed does cause hair loss.

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