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Saturday, December 18, 2010

15 ways to drive traffic with Backlinks

Every webmasters or bloggers wants their websites to be notice by everyone. It's because, massive traffics means massive bucks income. One of the method on how to get traffic is via backlinks. Backlinks are a link to your website from another website. The search engines love these. Even though you create backlinks, it doesn't always mean that the search engines will index the pages the backlinks are located on. The are millions and millions of pages of content created every day on the net. So, start to create your backlinks now.
  • You can put backlinks in any number of locations. You can pay or use them in signatures in forums, but today we are talking about putting them in blogs. You find a blog that use the same topic as what you will be linking to. You read the blog and comment in their post with good reasons. When you are finished with your post, you also put a link to the site you want the search engines to go look at.
  • You can use backlinks booster. In short, you capture a list of the URLs which have backlinks pointing to you. You then create an RSS feed for that list of URLs and then submit the list to RSS aggregators. It's a very easy and effective way to notify Google that there is content they should index.
  • This process uses a piece of software to PING blog posts - another relatively easy way to get Goggle's attention.
  • Comment at e-zine articles - You can put your comment about the topic related to your websites.  I just enter my main keyword, and add a relevant comment to the article and submit it. You should try this too, because e-zine articles can submit up to 10 articles for you to post.
  • Post regularly at least 3-5 post a days. Then ask for a link, or post a link eventually. Make sure that you add some informations and qualities to their site before trying to create a backlink from it. Copy half of your topic into their websites and ask to click the link for the rest articles.
  • Find older, higher PR sites which still have guestbooks setup. Simply enter a nice comment that features links to your website.
  • Use social bookmarking websites such as, stumble, del.ic.ous and more to add backlinks to your websites. Not only exposing your websites, but they also create tons of backlinks to generate traffics that's you needed.
  • Use video marketing to advertise and create traffics to your blog. You can make funny videos and post it to youtube or google video with your website links in it. It's easy and faster.
  • Use google search engine optimization. Seo words, targeted for google. You should target google, especially if you have a google adsense account, and you're making money off their ads.
  • Submit your well keyword optimized sites to multiple free website submission directories. Popular website submission directories will allow websites, articles and blog submissions. Do a google search for "free website submission directories" and submit your link as much as you wants.
  • You can use social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace to build dofollow backlinks. However, because social networking websites often require login to view the content they are not accessible to search engines as dofollow links. If a profile is publicly accessible without login on these social networking websites, then the backlinks with help pagerank.
  • You post in forums and on blogs that have "dofollow" links. dofollow link lets Google know to pick up that link when searching the page for ranking purposes. If a link is not dofollow, it's "nofollow".
  • Promote your sites everywhere. You can promote anywhere you want and make sure, you put your link there.
  • Create a good content -  Do write something useful to your visitor, do some research and provide informative content inside your online website or article. When your content are unique, then they will bookmarks your post, which mean you added your backlinks in the same time.
  • Link exchanges can be mutually beneficial for both traders and enough to increase your site’s SERPs and target audience. Trading links with sites that have relevant content with your site is one of the best link exchanges you can do.
  • Now, you can start submitting your post to relevant websites or blogs even forums to begin adding backlinks to your website. Remember, don't spamming or your website will be at the bottom of google ranks and it's not good, dear.
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