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Friday, May 6, 2011

My Review about Reading Email To Earn Money

When i browsed yesterday, i found that there are so many ways to earn money via online. One of it is reading email to earn money or in other words, we earn money when we read the emails. I don't know if i should believe it and i click one of the websites offering this services. It's called Avaimail. They said that we can earn 10 points for each email messages that send to us. The approximate price 10 points is between $0.02 - $0.05, depending on the advertiser. They also pay us 70% of the advertising revenue generated by our actions in their site.

This is what i copy from their website:

"Any AvaMail Paid Email contains two links and description of the advertising offer. Bottom link is a direct link to our advertiser. When you click on it, you will be paid by AvaMail 8 points. To get paid you must spend 20-30 seconds on advertiser's site. If you click on the top link, you will go on our page, with more detailed description of the given offer. You will be paid 2 points for it. On this page you also will find the direct link to our advertiser, and you also receive 8 points if you click on it. So you can earn 10 points for each email message! The approximate price 10 points is between $0.02 - $0.05, depending on the advertiser. And of course you will be paid by 3 points each time one of your referrals reads an original email message for the first time. "

Just sign up to different free offers, that we can find in our account and they will pay us from $0.1 to $50 per registration. And we will get +10% from income of our referrals.
I don't know if this programme really works or it just a scam. If you had any experience with this website, you are most welcome to share your opinion here. Bless and bliss.
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