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Friday, November 26, 2010

How to earn money via facebook?

Here, i wrote some of the tips on how to earn money easily via facebook.

1. Paypal has a new contest and this time the contest is runs on Facebook with the new application called Paypal Wishlist. It’s very easy to start, after you allow and join to the Paypal Wishlist, you will earn for $1. You can also have a chance to make more money upto $100 by refers other people who have a paypal account to join with you on the Paypal Wishlist through your referral link.

Here’s the step to setup your referral link :1. Login to Facebook Account

2. Copy this link:
the paste into new browser.
3. Type your paypal email address on Enter Email Address box
If you don't have any paypal account.Click this link to create one for free www.paypal.com4. Create your wishlist and share your paypal wishlist to friend..
This is not scam

2. Facebook has an application called Cash Cliques that is very simple to install on your Facebook account and can make you some money.

How does it work? For every ad you click on, you get paid.
As well as that, you get paid when friends you referred click on ads!
If you’re lucky enough there are also random cash prizes to win.
For example: if you click 10 ads per day and refer 50 friend who also click 10 ads per days, at the end of the month you’ll make $153. It’s not much but It’s very simple to do it!
For more information just visit facebook’s site

3. I have found 2 succesfull ways of making money and i am going to tell you how to do it.

It all started 8 weeks ago i spend on average 3 hours aday on facebook which kinda makes me a facebook addicted but i have made over $1300 which is equal to £800 in just 8 weeks i shall tell you how i have done it.

The first way i found was the monst sucessful and this way i have earned all my money from:

1: quizbone search for quizbone on facebook or copy and paste this link
here you create a quiz,publish it and watch your earnings roll in
quizbone gives you $5 to start with
every 100 takers to your quiz you recive $0.01
that sounds little but compared to the 350 million users on facebook that quite alot of takers
you can create as many quizes as your want and recive the money via paypal
check out the top quiz authors, there upto 26 million takers now thats alot of money there earning just for sitting at your pc for a few hours on the night

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