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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Earn Money With Facebook Again

Facebook, the social networking site originally designed to connect high school and college students, has evolved into a marketing and moneymaking tool for all kinds of people and businesses. You can use Facebook to promote your project or service and even make money while doing so. Facebook offers many ways for its users to earn cash in cyberspace.

1. Use the Facebook user applications to publicize your business or project. By creating an application allowing other Facebook users to access it, you'll add anywhere from a few hundred to a few million people to view your product or service. While the application model isn't as straightforward as paid advertising, it can bring money to you through pay-per-click and revenue share. There are a few Facebook applications that help you earn extra dough such as CafePress, e3buy auction, FlameTunes, Garage Sale, Lemonade Stand, MusicBlaster, My Merch Store and so on.

2. Connect your Facebook page with affiliate programs on others sites.You can drive people to the "buy" page for your product from your link or buttons on your facebook sites. You also can use a generic affiliate program that gives you a certain amount of money every time somewhere clicks through to an Amazon item through your page.

3. Paypal has a new contest and this time the contest is runs on Facebook with the new application called Paypal Wishlist. It’s very easy to start, after you allow and join to the Paypal Wishlist, you will earn for $1. You can also have a chance to make more money upto $100 by refers other people who have a paypal account to join with you on the Paypal Wishlist through your referral link.

4. Here’s the step to setup your referral link :

1. Login to Facebook Account

2. Copy this link: and then paste into a new browser.
3. Type your paypal email address on Enter Email Address box. If you don't have any paypal account, click this link to create one for free www.paypal.com4. Create your wishlist and share your paypal wishlist to friend.

5. Facebook has an application called Cash Cliques that is very simple to install on your Facebook account and can make you some money. With Cash Cliques, it takes literally 5 minutes a day to make some green. All you have to do, is click on an ad. And for every ad you click on, you get PAID!

6. Besides, you can earn easy money from facebook by making quizes in the facebook sites. It's call QUIZBONE. Isn't that easy? Follow the steps below.
1: quizbone search for quizbone on facebook or copy and paste this link
Here you create a quiz,publish it and watch your earnings roll in. Quizbone gives you $5 to start with every 100 takers to your quiz you recive $0.01.That sounds little but compared to the 350 million users on facebook that quite alot of takers. You can create as many quizes as your want and recive the money via paypal. Check out the top quiz authors, there upto 26 million takers now thats alot of money there earning just for sitting at your pc for a few hours on the night.

7. Sell your product - If you already have a product, you can sell it on Facebook - most especially if your service or product caters to the 18 to 35 year old group. For example, if you own a twenty-four hour pizza place, you can put up your page with your company profile and your products. Some college students that go online during the wee hours of the night might actually crave for pizza. Or if you have a bookstore, you can put up a page asking people if they want to order a book online for a significantly lower price compared to other online bookstores. Know your consumers and find ways on how to get in touch with them. Join groups or causes so your presence would be more visible.

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