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Monday, December 20, 2010

15 ways to increase your adsense earning

I found so many articles related to adsense tricks, tips, guides and informations. Therefore, i made my own conclusions and i pick 15 most valuable tricks that i'd follow for my own blogs. This topic became one of the most popular subject in the internet and i hope i could make you easy to choose the easier adsense tricks. Check this out.

Google Adsense Tips

  1. Put ad links in the menu bar - Ad links in the menu bar abuses the user behaviors to click from links that's shown in the menu bar, and with this notion, it is an area reckoning with to increasing CTR. Google Adsense Ad links works by duplicate themselves like the basic menu links in any websites had.
  2. Have Google AdSense units show "above fold" - In other words, publishers have seen greater success with AdSense units that show up on a web-page before the user has to scroll down. This does not mean not to have AdSense units elsewhere on the page. In fact, for the more content rich sites, having AdSense units lower on a page may be extremely helpful whereby the user, having just finished reading the content, is now primed and ready to click to go elsewhere. Having a relevant AdSense advertisement may offer just the right incentive to do so.
  3. Don't click on your own ads - Google is much smarter than you think and can discover invalid clicks through IP addresses, site navigation patterns, etc. If you working on a new design for your site, avoid reloading your pages (with AdSense) excessively. You can turn off AdSense temporarily and avoid invalid CPM impressions. Or you can use the unofficial Google Adsense Sandbox Tool that is accessible from Firefox, IE and other browsers to see what kind of Google ads will be served based on content (website address URL) or keywords.
  4. Use Adsense for search in your blog. Put Adsense for search box above the post or in the sidebar of your blog can increase your adsense earning. Everytime the visitors searching the web from your google search, you earn the profit too. It's mutual benefits to google and to webmasters. 
  5. Ads placed at the top of the page and at the left generally perform better than others. Many sites will have small ads in the top right hand corner, as they claim it is the first place where the eye sees.
  6. Blend ads with your page – remove the borders by having a similar color as your background helps to show ads as being part of your site. Do not blend text or the ‘Ads by Gooooogle’ with your background color as it is against Google TOS.
  7. Change the location of the ads and watch changes in your CTR regularly. Try to locate the area of the page where the focus of the visitor can be. Generally, AdSense ads near the quality content or other crucial areas like navigation bar tend to perform better.
  8. Provide pictures around or in between ads. Pictures automatically draw the eye and users who look at the pictures are more likely to also look at the ads.
  9. Appropriate use of keywords will promote a website’s rank with Google. High ranked sites appear in the index before sites with a lower ranking. This increases the traffic to a website. Increased traffic often results in increased ad sense earnings. Website back links are also useful in improving Google ranking and increasing earnings.
  10. Use clean Wordpress theme. Just get rid of unnecessary text links, images, banners on your blog that may obstruct it. I don’t want to say that you have to remove all text links or banners but we want to optimize our blog for Adsense so it is better to use less unnecessary objects on the blog. This way Google ads will be more visible and nothing will avert a glimpse from it.
  11. Users tend to click on images less, so make sure you have all your adsense ads set to text only. Over the years, people have become “ad blind” and their eyes will quickly pass over a image ad without much thought.
  12. Users tend to click on links in the sidebar/column to the left much more then the right. If you have adsense on your sidebar, then you should flip it to the left side(if it’s not there already) to increase it’s click through rate.
  13. Another way of increasing your AdSense is by avoiding the use of the off colors in your AdSense text links. Remember, that the link should not look odd to your customers as the link is one of the most important tools that can make your AdSense popular. Use colors that are catchy to the readers.
  14. To get more clicks and increase Google AdSense, let people know about other sections of the web page. If you have pictures in the left side bar or more article links in the right side bar, which are located next to Google AdSense ads, let visitors know to look at the pictures. This can help steer your visitors towards the ads. Be careful though, you are not allowed to tell visitors about your ads, where they are, or to click on them.
  15. Last but not least, put more ads on your webpage (Google only allows 3 ad units per page). Have an ad at the beginning of your content, in the content, and after the content. If the visitor doesn’t see what they want on your website, then they may find what they are looking for in a Google ad.

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  1. Why we can't tell the visitor to click at the google ads? anyway, nice article and very helpful.....thanks!!


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