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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi, there...its been a while since my last update..

Im graduated now and im looking for a job..any job that can offer me a good salary and great experience. lately, i've been
invited by my old friends to work as a temporary teacher. And of course, its really good and i would like to. But, actually,
i want to be a teacher at secondary school rather than primary school. its because its offer me better income and much

Oh, i forgot to mention that i've been teaching at my primary school last month and its really great. That's when im saying
to myself...."this is what my teachers felt when they taught us"...hehe...anyway, i've my own plan and its seem like
my parent still give me "red light" to do it.

Deep down inside my heart, i really want to makes all people around me to be happy and its seem didn't work.
How i wish, somehow, somebody can listen what my heart screaming about. Anyway, thanks for reading this.

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